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Podiatry Of SA: Your Partner In Corn And Wart Removal

Are your daily activities interrupted by corn and warts? If you visit us at Podiatry of SA, we can help you have pain-free feet. We have experienced podiatrists who use an all-around approach to remove corns and warts based on what works best for you.

Some of the things that make us different are:

High-level therapy choices: We have various treatment options, including home remedies, cutting edges like laser therapy, and many more efficient means, depending on how bad your foot conditions are.

Diagnosis by specialists: Our podiatrists will discover why you get a callus or wart and recommend a suitable course of action.
Avoidance proposals: We do not just treat but also give personalized ideas on how to stop recurrences from happening in the future.
Corns And Warts care

What Are Corns?

Corns are hard skin layers that form due to constant rubbing and pressure. Typically, they manifest on the upper and lateral parts of the toes and under the feet. Occasionally, corns may become painful, especially if they irritate underlying nerves.

What are Warts?

Warts are small hard lumps caused by human papillomavirus. They can be transferred through direct contact with an infected wart or by touching contaminated surfaces. Plantar warts are the most frequently appearing types that develop on the soles of feet. Sometimes, warts can be unsightly and painful when squeezed.

Trust in Podiatry of SA

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Treatment Options For Corns And Warts At Podiatry Of SA

Podiatry of SA provides an extensive treatment menu for corns and warts, with expertise and a personalized approach. Patients with corns and warts often experience pain and interruption of daily activities, but there is hope if approached properly.
Cryotherapy is one common wart remedy that works well. It requires liquid nitrogen to freeze the target area, which develops blisters before shedding off the wart. The podiatrists at Podiatry of SA cautiously carry out cryotherapy by customizing each client. This minimally invasive technique often results in permanent removal of warts.
Warts can be treated with prescription-strength topical medications. Such medications usually contain salicylic acid, which acts by dissolving the wart tissues. These are drugs provided by Podiatry of SA to guide patients on how best to use them and keep track of their progress for better results. At-home administration is meant for different types of warts without any invasion.
Corns are commonly caused due to friction and pressure on specific foot parts. To prevent corn formation, Podiatry of SA has developed custom orthotics that redistribute pressure and reduce friction. The inserts prepared according to one’s specifications provide cushioning and support, thus dealing with the problem causing corns.
In a few instances, surgical elimination of corns or warts can be the only solution. Podiatrists at Podiatry of SA have expertise in performing minimally invasive procedures that remove painful corns or warts. This is usually an alternative if previous conservative treatment has failed and the podiatrist decides that surgical intervention would be most effective.
Electrosurgery is a precise, focused way to eliminate warts. It involves employing a specific device that uses an electric current of high frequency to destroy warts’ tissues. At Podiatry of SA, they use advanced electrosurgical techniques to remove warts quickly, efficiently, and accurately.
For corn to be relieved and immediate relief given, padding and strapping techniques serve the purpose. The podiatrists at Podiatry of SA use specialized materials on the affected area to pad it, thus reducing friction and promoting healing. This method is very good for people with corns as it provides comfort and prevents further irritation.
Stopping the recurrence of corns and warts is an important emphasis at Podiatry of SA. They teach clients about proper foot hygiene practices such as choosing shoes that fit right, general cleanliness, and spotting early symptoms of these conditions before they worsen. In this way, Podiatry of SA seeks to equip its clients with information that will enable them to avoid future cases of corn and warts.

Why Choose Podiatry of SA for Corn and Wart Removal?


Our well-trained foot doctors have great wealth of knowledge in dealing with diverse issues affecting the feet like calluses and verrucas. They are constantly kept updated about current treating modes and presented with their best remedies.

A complete range of treatments

We offer a wide selection of therapies that our patients can choose from including non-surgical methods such as removal of hard skin and use of special bandages to the modern ones such as using lasers or freezing with liquid nitrogen. Thus, this allows us to create an appropriate treatment program that takes into account your likes and dislikes.

Patient-Focused Care

We make your comfort and welfare a priority in the course of treatment. Our foot doctors will take time to discuss everything with you, answer your questions, and give you a comfortable feeling throughout.

Good Experience

We ensure we offer you an experience that is good and free from stress. Our hospitable staff members create a warm atmosphere while our foot specialists address your issues with compassion and sympathy.


Get The No. 1 Corn And Warts Treatment Through Our Experts

Contact Us for appointments or questions. To make an appointment with Podiatry of SA, please get in touch with us if you have any questions. Being experienced in treating Corn/Wart patients, we will diagnose your ailment and evaluate the best treatment alternatives that fit you ideally. You can also send an email so our team can address your queries or requests for appointments as soon as possible.

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On average, the treatment duration will range from weeks to months depending on the severity and the type of corn or wart involved. A more specific timeline will be given if you seek the services of a podiatrist.
Most treatments are generally very well tolerated, but others, such as cryotherapy, may cause mild pain for which pain-relieving medications or topical numbing agents can be utilized. Your podiatrist will talk to you before the procedure about possible discomfort and methods that can help relieve pain.
While there are over-the-counter (OTC) options for mild cases, you must get professional help from a podiatrist who can diagnose accurately and deliver safe, effective therapy. They will establish an appropriate therapeutic mode based on your wart’s type and degree, thereby minimizing the chances of occurrence of future complications.